Editor-in-Chief: Professor Albert R. Meyer
Publisher: Elsevier
Editorial Assistants: Becky Shephardson
Joanne Hanley

History & Policy

Founded in 1957 under the name Information and Control by an extraordinary group of MIT faculty including Noam Chomsky, Peter Elias, Benoit Mandelbrot, Claude Shannon, and Norbert Wiener, the journal was one of the earliest to publish extensively on formal language and automata theory, computability, inductive inference, and complexity theory, as well as on its titular subjects. The journal was originally published by Academic Press which was acquired by Elsevier in 2001. The journal is now available online to nearly 20,000,000 readers through thousands of libraries through Elsevier Science Direct.

The present Editor-in-Chief took over in 1982 and recruited to the Editorial Board a distinguished international group of scholars focusing primarily on theoretical Computer Science. The journal was renamed Information and Computation in 1987, reflecting its new focus.

About half of the submitted papers are received directly by individual members of the Editorial Board and half by the Editor-in-chief who then assigns them to cognizant editors for selection of referees. About one in six manuscripts are accepted after first review; overall, about one third of all submissions eventually are accepted after significant revision and further review. Editorial policy includes maintaining orderly evolution of the Board of Editors to ensure that active researchers are represented. All members of the Editorial Board actively participate in handling manuscripts.

The Editor-in-Chief's office tracks papers using a customized computer database and maintains regular email contact with Editors, authors, and the publisher. The Editors believe the journal process for handling submitted manuscripts is at least as effective and expeditious as for any peer journals. Nevertheless, the average time for the refereeing process remains regrettably high---over a year in some cases---which seems to be a reflection of the demographics of theoretical Computer Science. To speed availability, papers are published online as soon as final editing is complete.

The present editorial regime is proud of its 30 years of contributions to scientific publication and looks forward to continuing its efforts on behalf of scholarship in Theory of Computation.

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